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What Is Affiliate Marketing & How Do I Start Earning Income

This page provides an in depth look at the Online Business of Affiliate Marketing with a goal of instructing you on “What Is Affiliate Marketing & How Do I Start Earning Income”.


Wikipedia defines Affiliate Marketing as:

  • “A performance-based marketing in which a business rewards its affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.”

Typically, commissions are only paid after a sale is made on the site after the affiliate referral.

Some of the best affiliate marketing companies offer recurring commissions.  This means you will get paid month after month for a single referral.

Nifty right?

Because of the trends in the affiliate marketing industry, we focused our entire Blueprint around creating “recurring income” for a sustainable and long lasting online business.


The first thing any affiliate must do is “Join an Affiliate Program or Network,” right?  Not so fast.

Let’s look at our Blueprint below.  This list of tasks should be followed to a T.  The process of affiliate marketing can be a patience testing endeavor, remember that as you work through this blueprint.

  1. Do Trending Topics Research On Google And Twitter
  2. Choose A Popular Niche That You Can Stand Behind
  3. Build A Website (or Two)
  4. Create or “Outsource” Keyword Optimized Content About Niche
  5. Integrate Unique Affiliate Offers, links, banners Into Content
  6. Build Your Social Audience On Instagram
  7. Promote Your Offer

Repeat #4-#7 and watch the money flow.

On your profile you will get the step by step guidance you need start earning income fast.  We have helped entrepreneurs from all over the world with this training.

AND, we know that integrating this proven process into your business & mind, you will fast track your success, Period.


An affiliate marketing guru would be affluent in the following processes.  Keep in mind that these skills can take years to attain:

1. Web Design

    • Web design involves many skills.  None can be acquired without Attempting and Failing. The different areas of web design include:
      • Graphic/Interface design,
      • Standard coding,
      • User experience design,
      • and Search Engine Optimization.

2. Search Engine Optimization

    • Search engine optimization (SEO) is defined as the “process required by search engines that increases the quality and quantity of a website. This is all in an attempt to increase ORGANIC (free) web traffic”.  This is accomplished in many combinations of ways and methodologies all depending on the goals of your website.

3. Keyword & Key Phrase Research

    • Key phrase research usually involves an online analyzing tool like SEMrush or Jaaxy.  These online tools have free and paid elements to them and when used correctly provides you with optimum key words and phrases for ranking highly on search.
    • Proper Keywords or phrases practically grantees your website will rank highly on search engines, but also is important because search engines also like showing your site to the proper people or demographic.

4. Content Creation (images and video)

    • The creation of content is the contribution of information via written, video, podcast, and going live.  Producing or outsourcing projects to achieve the goal of organic ranking on search engines and any other media outlet or forum.

5. Script Writing

    • Script writing is a portion of content creation and is the single most important contribution of information to any search engine when it comes to validity of your site and how it will provide value for your reader.

6. Online Advertising

    • Online advertising comes in many forms. PPC, Adsense, Facebook, Pinterest and many more have their own advertising platforms that attract a different demographic. This is also called online marketing, Internet advertising or web advertising. Using the Internet to promote your website is crucial and is something we teach in our Affiliate Success Blueprint.

The best part of our Blueprint is it will teach you how to outsource freelancers for some, or all of these categories.  After the initial setup of your website you can reference the list of the Best Sites For Outsourcing Web Design Services

Affiliate Marketing Blueprint how to start making money online


As an Affiliate Marketer, it is your responsibility to drive traffic to a business in return for commission payments. These commissions can come in many forms.

  1. Per “Click To Site” with no other action. Overall web traffic is the goal here.
  2. Pay Per “Referral” means the site visitor completed an action designated by the host.  (Create Profile, Subscribe To Email List, ect.)
  3. Pay Per “Purchase” is pretty self explainitory right.
  4. Residual Reccuring Payments is the hottest trend in Affiliate Marketing right now because affiliates now have the option to build a sustainable Online Business that pays you for years possibly forever.  (Laptop Lifestyle)

Create Profile For Full List Of Affiliate Opportunities>>

Becoming an Affiliate of a website or company is very simple now and days.  Just a few bits of info and you’re all set up.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?


Be aware that all affiliate offers are not created equal.

Amazon Affiliates are the least paid (Usually 3-10%) due to Amazons low commission structure.  We don’t believe Amazon Affiliate Program is a bad option at all and our blueprint will instruct you to join Amazon Affiliate Program.

This is because we believe it’s an amazing starting point and gives you options when building out your niche website.

Other sites like Market Health ( Health & Welness ) offer up to 125% commissions on each sale and offer residual commissions if the customer accepts autoshipment of the purchased products.



Below is a few of our recommended Online Training For Affiliate Marketers in the upcoming 2020 year.  

We suggest completing these free & Premium training courses to better understand how to scale your affiliate marketing business.

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020

Wealthy Affiliate Entrepreneur Certification

Wealthy Affiliate is our #1 recommendation for newbie Affiliate Marketers.  The site will guide you through the initial Website Setup process. Teaching you the whole way about Word press hosting (The fastest websites on the web use word press, it’s important : )

WA community of entrepreneurs offer unparalleled support 24/7.  The sitesupport admins can sometimes be a bit tricky but they’re there to help you 24 hours a day.

Read Our Review>>

Best Affiliate Recurring

ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp

Clickfunnels™ offers an awesome 90 day bootcamp/challenge that really teaches the nity gritty of Affiliate Marketing.  The bootcamp focuses on how to properly use Facebook Ads to drive traffic to any site.   This is such a benefitial training ladies and gents.  Go start it now with there 14 day free trial.

We recommend Clickfunnels for quick, pre-made website funnels and email autoresponders that will convert. But, only if you pay for traffic to the funnel.

We recommend you read our review of Clickfunnels before you decide to pay them in any way.

We do recomend you finish the free Affiliate Bootcamp and possibly try a funnel or two using their 14 day free trial.

Read Our Review

6 thoughts on “What Is Affiliate Marketing & How Do I Start Earning Income”

  1. You have mentioned here some really cool platforms that one can start up with when going into Affiliate Marketing

    Currently, I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate. WA is a great platform if someone wants to start learning How To Make Money Online or How To Start A Website for FREE. Apart from this there are tools that are helpful too. I started a few months ago and I have really enjoyed the ride. 

    This is a good post. 

    Nice work!

  2. Hi!  Thanks so much for this post.  I see you mentioned Amazon Associates as a starting point!  I second this opinion!

    I’ve started out with Amazon Associates and while yes, their commission is on the lower end, the upside to being an Amazon Associate is that Amazon is a universally trusted retailer.  Meaning no one thinks anything of buying from there and so many people are Amazon Prime members that they automatically buy from there.

    Before I got started in affiliate marketing, even if I looked up reviews of products I was interested in online, if they linked to a different retailer, I would look it up on Amazon to see the price and compare.  Usually, I’d buy it from Amazon, anyway, just because they already had my payment information and everything.

    So while yes, their commissions are lower, I think they are a HUGE asset to have in your affiliate marketing arsenal, because it’s easy to convert to Amazon, anyway.  ^_^

    Thanks again!

    1. admin

      I really apritiate you commenting. The Amazon affiliate program even though its one of the lowest payouts has the most traffic and opportunity. I really feel its a no brainer and we teach how to use Amazon Associates for Affiliate Marketing inside our Blueprint Trainings.

  3. Affiliate marketing is an awesome choice for working in an area that you have experience and passion for.
    There are many different ways to go about this.
    By starting with choosing a niche, you are on the right track.
    With Wealthy Affiliate you can be taught to build a website, get traffic, and begin to create income.
    You get the best training available and the support is by far the best around!Affiliate marketing is awesome as long as you put in the hard work.
    Would you agree that there are many different ways to monetize your website?

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