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The Secret Inside Wealthy Affiliate In 2021

Wealthy Affiliate Secrets 2021


The Secret Business Opportunity Inside Wealthy Affiliate In 2021. Pros And Cons Of The Platform As I Share My last 18 Months As Well As A Little Secret.

  • Free 7 Day Trial
  • 2 premium levels $49 and $99/mo
  • Host 25 Websites with domain
  • Host 25 more sites with free domain name.
  • High Affiliate Program Payout.
  • Community of industry professionals
  • Earn Credits for domain by helping others on the platform.
  • Laxy Dazy Customer service
  • Old Information in training modules
  • Forced plugin installation.
  • NEW: 2 premium levels $49 and $99/mo
If you are very new to the affiliate marketing business, then the WA platform of industry professionals may just be the key to your success.

The training provided can sometimes be outdated but the information is still useful and viable.

My 1 Year Wealthy Affiliate Update

Not Going to lie, I am kind of bummed about the results from my Wealthy Affiliate review blog I wrote. View

I ranked 1st page, 3rd position on go0gle for 6 months under the search term “Wealthy Affiliate Review” and did not sign up a single referral. 

As a matter of fact, I didn’t even get a single referral the entire year of 2020.

As you can see from the images.  I have only received 2 referrals, back in 2019.

One was a friend of mine.

Why I (still) choose Wealthy Affiliate

#1 Reason I Stay With Wealthy Affiliate.

I Have A Secret…

Ok, you probably read the blurb above about my disappointment in the affiliate blogs ability to collect referrals. 

For me, that did not matter to much.  This because of my secret strategy that allowed me to start, operate and grow my very own media company.

We provide website solutions to clients needing everything from content (of all types), web design, S.E.O. and more.

The beauty is in the hosting.  Wealthy Affiliate allows us to host 50 websites (25 with own domain, 25 with WA Domain). 

Because of this powerful option, we have grown our agency to supply us and our contractors with a hefty income from servicing our clients needs. 

What is included.

Free Business Model Includes:

Step By Step Instructions On How To Set Up WA Account.
Complete Legal LLC Setup Guide(IMPORTANT)
Full Marketing Plan For Acquiring Clients Online.

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