How to Make Enough Money Online to Retire

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This article is intended to answer one very important question:

How Do I Make Enough Money Online to retire? 

This is an amazing question and while employees are all thinking that the best way to save for retirement is to keep shoveling money into thier low yeald and old fasion 401k or ira. All while the driven and inspired are here, right now, reading this article about another, possibly faster way to retire from income generated from online sources.

Let me be the first to tell ya, there is if your willing to try, then you will succeed in your goal of retiring early.

We will also be providing information about the multiple types of methodologies, systems, programs and other training courses that can be utilized to help mold you into a successful online business entrepreneur.

So lets get started…

How To Make Money Online


Affiliate Marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. -Wikipedia

As an Affiliate Marketer it is your responsibility to drive traffic to a business in return for commission payments.  Typically commissions are paid after a sale is made on the site after the affiliate referral.  There are affiliate marketer options out there that will pay per click with a small commission just for referring people to give their email address after they click your link.  Some of the best Affiliate Marketing Programs offer recurring commissions.  This means you will get paid month after month for a single referral.

Pretty dang sweet right?

==>What Is Affiliate Marketing? Read Article
Affiliate Marketing Blueprint


Freelancing your skills online through these top freelancing sites listed here will automatically set you up to start receiving “gig” requests for the services you offered on the site.  This can be a benefit in many ways.  let’s take a look at some of the possitives and negatives of “gig” sites.


  •  It’s Yours, Get Creative:
    • The main reason to start any business either online or brick and motor is the flexibility that comes from being a “owner”.  It’s your business so you make the rules right?  ABSOLUTLY RIGHT!  You can be as creative as you desire, set your own hours and charge whatever you feel is fair.
    • The more “gigs” you do, the higher your gig will rank in their websites algorithms.  This means you must be a hustler and go out and get your clients.  Don’t be affraid to share your gigs on social and drive as much traffic as possible to your gig page.
    • Raise your prices and add options as your gig grows in popularity.  You have full control of your gigs.  It’s a common practive to have multiple options available for your customers to choose from and the best part is these sites are set up to upsell on every customer.  This means the site is working for you.


  • Do, Diligence.Do some searches on the site you choose.  Search for success stories, any tips they offer, and any rules they have. Some of the rules that “gig” sites have make a huge impact on how to acquire new customers.  So read up on them and make sure you are just slightly better than the other person they’re pinning you against that is offering the same service.  Because most of these sites are crowded with people offering their expertise online my best advice is to pay for a little bit of advertising to get people ranking your service highly.

I personally wouldn’t consider these sites my “go to” for generating a significant online income.  I would however use these platforms as a way to supplement my earnings on my new free website.

Find out how to use this piece of the puzzle and more by participating in our Affiliate Success Blueprint for free.

==>Freelancer Sites

Start an online business free


Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Rakuten, newegg, and a mountain of other sites offer free online shopping pages for you to sell products online through buy now buttons and bidding wars.  A huge tip: offers huge discounts on bulk items puchased online.  They can ship the products to you or if you are looking for an easier way,  Have the items shipped to Amazons warehouse and join Amazons FBA program.  F.B.A. stands for Fullfilled By Amazon and is an amazing option for streamlining this type of business.

You could build a website of your own and sell products and services right from your site.  This is much less expensive since the fees associated with some of the sites (like Amazon) can get quite pricey.

More Methods On The Blueprint

Hello ladies and gents.  It’s Jay just dropping a line to inform you that we offer a FREE profile where you can see all the steps in the Blueprint.

You can also:

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  3. Write Bio About Yourself\
  4. Share your websites/social media sites with commnity
  5. Blog about your experiences as an affiliate marketer. (Yes, we allow links in blog posts.)
  6. Create a indexable profile that can earn you $$$

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4 thoughts on “How to Make Enough Money Online to Retire”

  1. Thank you for these tips on making money online. The good thing about freelance writing is that you might get experience writing SEO articles which will help you when you go to make your own website. But if you are going to do that, you almost might as well just start your own website because you would end up making more money off those articles yourself.

    buying low and selling high can actually be a good idea. You just have to know the products and the market. For example recently there was a dip and then a spike in the prices of drones due to the new FAA regulations. If someone had bought all those drawings when they were lower, they could have sold them all at twice the price. But there is definitely risk involved.

    Making your own website is probably the one with the most possible returns but the least risk. With wealthy affiliate, you can start to free websites and see if it’s for you. I’ve tried a lot of things online including surveys and all that kind of stuff, and at one point I was even looking up how to sell my hair! I’m glad I found wealthy affiliate. Thanks for your article and have a good day.

  2. I have worked on a gig site for a number of years. At first i got a flood of business but then it just trailed off. Now I earn very little income because nobody has contacted me for jobs even though I advertised a lot.  I am just beginning to look at affiliate programs and , based on reviews, it seems like a viable option for me. Thank you for this information

    1. admin

      JJ, That is a story I have heard many times about the gig sites.  But if used correctly and in coorilation with a website you own and operate can provide you with a steady flow of opportunities on them.  Thank you for your comment.  If you would like to know more about the methodology I am referring to, then Click Here. 



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