ClickFunnels – Is It Worth The Money

Clickfunnels Affiliate Program

Clickfunnels – Is it worth the money?

That is a great question.

The answer is more difficult then you think.

Read More to learn what Clickfunnels is and if it is the best firt for entrepreneurs like you.

Clickfunnels Overview

Clickfunnels is an online sales funnel builder that helps businesses market, sell, and deliver their products online.

The site simplifies online marketing efforts, selling online, and delivering of products and services by providing users with pre-built funnel options for all kinds of businesses, products, or services.

The main service Clickfunnels offers is providing tools that allow “less experienced marketers”  to create amazing looking sales funnels, membership sites, and more.  Clickfunnels says it saves entrepreneurs time, and in doing so money.

Name: Clickfunnels


Price Option #1: $97/mo “Basic” { Join Now )

Price Option #2: $297/mo “Premium” { Join Now }

Owners: Russell Brunson

Overall Rank: 95 out of 100

Affiliate Program Link:

Who is Clickfunnels For?

Product or Service Provider Funnels. Clickfunnels allows marketers and entrepreneurs to sell their products & services on a software that lets you design and create sales pages, landing pages and it lets you manage your entire sales funnel.  This includes auto responder emails and email funnels that increase sales probability.

is Clickfunnels Worth The Money

Affiliate Marketers Bootcamp Summit

Affiliates promote any of our Clickfunnels products.  When a buyer purchases through their affiliate link, the affiliate receives 40% commission and you receive a 5% commission on the sale of that product.  These commissions like all of our commissions are lifetime recurring commissions. You can track your 2nd tier affiliate commissions from the download on the Dashboard page.

Start TODAY building up your own affiliates promoting Clickfunnels.

Is ClickFunnels Worth The Money

Clickfunnels offers its new affiliates a 100 day plan of action that when followed will provide you with some results.  It’s free and very informative.

Clickfunnels Will Pay For Your Car

Is Clickfunnels worth it | Whats your dream car?

You heard it right.  As an affiliate of Clickfunnels you will be offered an opportunity to not only earn 40% residual income on each Active Premium Member but you’ll recieve a monthly bonus once you reach 100 and 200 referrals who have gone past the 14 day free trial

Once a new Affiliate has joined under your link, you become the tier 2 for that affiliate and not only will you earn the 40% monthly but also 5% on any and all referrals and/or purchases that came as a result of that Affiliates Marketing Contribution.

Clickfunnels Is Not For Beginner Marketers.

The site is great for people who have a background in online marketing and web design or for someone who has plenty of funds to aid in the generation of traffic from online sources like Google and Face book.

Get your FREE profile where you can see all the steps in the Blueprint.

You can also:

  1. Upload Profile Image
  2. Upload Header Image
  3. Write Bio About Yourself
  4. Share your websites/social media sites with community
  5. Blog about your experiences as an affiliate marketer. (Yes, we allow links in blog posts.)
  6. Create a index able profile that can earn you $$$

Affiliate Marketing Success

Clickfunnels vs. Website

A website, when used with Clickfunnels, can get you best of both the worlds.

It is our opinion that you should start with a Word press website if you want to drive “organic”(free) traffic and capitalize on the traffic from search engines like Google, Bing, & Yahoo.

Starting off with Clickfunnels may be awesome if you trying to test your product/services in your target market.  This makes Clickfunnels a tool of our Blueprint training and should be utilized accordingly.


Clickfunnels Support

Clickfunnels provides a plethora of helpful tools, challenges, boot camps and “swipe files” for Affiliate Marketers.  As a matter of fact Russell Brunson the owner of Clickfunnels recently launched his newest book called:

“Network Marketing Secrets”

…and, he’s actually PAYING for your copy of the book… for a very limited time, I’m sure.
All you’ll cover is shipping.

Here’s where I got my free copy:

The text above this image was from the affiliate dashboard and is what they call a “swipe file”.  This is pre-written text that can be a guide to promote each of the offers they have.  I obviously made it my own a little bit (as you should) but it is handy and time saving. Here is an image of what it looks like on the Affiliate Dashboard

Is Clickfunnels worth the money

As you can clearly see, the team at Clickfunnels offer support in many ways.  Swipe files are pre written text that is specifically for Affiliates of Clickfunnels.

Below are a few more Affiliate Offers that can be used as tools to drive more potential customers to try the 14 DAY FREE TRIAL

Expert Secrets Affiliate Program

Clickfunnels Expert Secrets Affiliate Program

One way that the team at Clickfunnels gets customers is through a powerful funnel that you can visually see above this paragraph. This is how the funnel works:

  • The potential customer is offered an amazing book for free or very cheap.
  • In doing so, must give email and payment details. (tracking)
  • This inserts them via email or funnel landing page that “up sells” the customer for you.
  • If the customer passes on the “order bump #1” then the funnel will offer #2 and if they pass on #2, then it will offer #3. Get it?Below is a full page view of all the pre-maid options that can be added to websites, face book posts, email, auto responders and more.  Just another way they help entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

Dotcom Secrets Affiliate Program

The Dotcom Secrets Free book is another funnel offer like the Expert Secrets funnel above.  This program is a little different but I wanted to show any potential Affiliates of Clickfunnels the amount of support they give to their affiliates.

They have square and rectangle banners that are premade and can be embedded into your sites with ease.  They are pre-loaded with your specific affiliate link so no need to add the link later.

How Much Does Clickfunnels Cost?

Price Option #1:

$97/mo “Basic” { Join Now )

  • After 14 day free trial this “basic” plan includes usage of some of all the sites tools and offerings.  It also only allows for a single sales funnel build.

Price Option #2:

$297/mo “Premium” { Join Now }

  • After 14 day free trial this “Premium” plan allows for unlimited usage of the sites tools and offerings.  This includes: multiple funnels, ecommerce integration, full email auto responding software, full support, and more.


Final Thoughts

I have spent about a month researching Clickfunnels.  I went through the boot camp they provide for free to their new affiliates twice. I can tell you without any hesitation that it taught me so much about Face book ads and took me so deep inside how fb ads work, that I felt like I was a pro at it once I was through the entire boot camp.  That’s a bonus right?



I researched the way the company provides hosting for the funnels they provide either pre-made or custom and I found that they are a cloud based system that runs a bit slower than a Word press website would.  What that means is the funnel you create might never rank on first page Google.  It seems like the company knew this information and that is why they push the Face book advertising so intently in the boot camp.  They know that you will have to pay a significant about of money sending and directing traffic to your funnel.  That on top of the cost of the funnel and auto responder can make for an easy $700-$1000/month that you would probably need to spend in ads to get the type of traffic you need to grow and scale your sales.


Clickfunnels provides pre designed funnels for any niche.  You can literally walk onto the site, pick a template that works for your niche, add some words and images and poof, a funnel that actually works.  Even though you will pay more for Clickfunnels, the ease of the software holds the largest appeal.


Try out the 14 day free trial and go through the free affiliate marketing bootcamp.  Durring your free trial, build a funnel or two for practice.  Learn as much as you can about how the software works and how to create funnels.  At the same time, finish the Bootcamp. The information provided has personally helped me in multiple endeavors either on or off of the Clickfunnels site.  Then take what you have built and look at it, take a second to reflect on the information provided and come back to this article and comment at the bottom your experience and if you decided to stay with Clickfunnels or try another program.

We Suggest Wealthy Affiliate for building a fast word press websites that will rank highly in Google search.

Clickfunnels Recap



Owners: Russell Bronson

Price Op #1: $97/mo “Basic” {Join Now )

Price Op #2: $297/mo “Premium” {Join Now }

==>Click Here to Start FREE 14 Day Trial


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16 thoughts on “ClickFunnels – Is It Worth The Money”

  1. That was such an interesting take, though I still have so many questions. It sounds like a legitimate site, especially for some of us that are looking to grow their business. I would definitely give it a try. Though, the pricing? I don’t think I could pay that much for it, so far that alone I wouldn’t have to pass on the premium service.  

  2. Great post you’ve done here by reviewing the bad, good and the very good part of affiliate marketing through clickfunnels. Even as a newbie marketer, I already heard a lit about click funnels and just like you, I am still into the research and that is how I got here. I never knew they even offer a paid offer for car. Wow! This is really great to know of. Though as a college student, paying for such monthly charges night be difficult a bit, but then, I will still take advantage of this cluckfunnels offer.

  3. To me, click funnels is worth the money and worth the time and effort that would be chipped in it. I really fancy everything that I have done and achieved with them. Though most people might shy away from the price. However, it is really worth it. I learnt a lot from the bootcamp too and now, I have tweaked my Facebook ads effectively to the extent that I can boast freely of my achievements with click funnels. It is really a great platform to be

    1. admin

      Thank you for your comment. Clickfunnels is great if you need a website on the fly. As an affiliate of Clickfunnels you will have the opportunity to suppliment the cost of having your own funnel by referring others to the service. Its easy really. All you need is 3 premium members and boom your premium account is paid for every month.

  4. The price to run click funnels is really expensive in my own opinion. I wasn’t thinking it would be that much to make everything work out. I like the fact that you came out plain with this platform. I have heard about click funnels for a while now but like you have said here, someone told me it is only for those that have some experience. Overall, your review is very good and I think maybe sometimes later, I can dive into it.

  5. Its seem like a very wonderful means to help grow ones business online and being an affiliate would make so much sense. However from my understanding of trying online businesses, the price of clickfunnel would push most people away, and the fact that beginners can’t use it just keeps it out of my list. I love the idea of the business, auto reply of Email is really smart and most importantly for me, the free trial is one effective means to prove its a legit business. Nice being here.

  6. Wow, I must say that I wasn’t expecting so much from click funnels. I was told about the platform by a friend who uses it and he says he makes money through it. He has had great success with it. Creating landing pages and all is a very good thing to make my customers convinced. One thing I will be very much interested in is the affiliate opportunity and boot camp. Seeing the commission available from referrals, I think that’s a good avenue for me. Thank you for sharing.

  7. While I agree with your review on Clickfunnels, there’s one thing that might be relevant to your readers.  I’ve been using Clickfunnels just about 3 months, and as a matter of fact was getting ready to write a review, but Clickfunnels is not intended to be a website.  The point of Clickfunnels is to drive traffic through your funnel to move your customers forward using individual pages, unlike a website.  Great review.  I think you’ve inspired me to continue with my review. 


  8. leslierogers

    I reciently took part in the Clickfunnels Funnel Hacker program and loved it. My online business wouldn’t be what it is today if it wasnt for clickfunnels. I highly recommend trying out the free trial and reading the Funnel Hacking secrets Ebook.

    Great information by the way. Thank you for writing it.


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